H²Air™ Tex

Sustainable style made with postconsumer polyester.

At H²Air™ Tex, we believe that exceptional hair care doesn't need to come at the expense of the environment. Our innovative microfiber fleece blend is carefully engineered to provide maximum hydration and reduce dry time, while also minimizing our impact on the planet.


H²Air™ Tex, the latest innovation in fabric technology. This plush microfiber fleece blend is designed to lock in moisture and reduce dry time, allowing you to maintain healthy, hydrated hair with minimal effort.

At the core of H²Air™ Tex is its unique blend of microfiber fleece and moisture-wicking technology. The fleece fibers are incredibly soft and gentle on your hair, providing a comfortable and luxurious feeling. Meanwhile, the moisture-wicking technology helps to draw moisture away from your hair, reducing dry time and helping to prevent damage.

But H²Air™ Tex doesn't just reduce dry time – it also helps to actively hydrate your hair. The fabric's unique structure allows it to retain moisture, providing a source of hydration for your hair even after a wash. This helps to keep your hair healthy and nourished, reducing the risk of damage and keeping it looking and feeling its best.